I love the television show Undercover Boss​​
 (which airs on CBS). The President's of companies go undercover and work side by side with their employees. As the boss gets to know the employee he/she starts to view their business from another perspective. By the end of each show the CEO has learned how to better their business but they take time to better the lives of their employees - and it is always a tear jerker! I started Executive Dreams because I wanted to be the CEO of my company but over the years I found it more rewarding to help others be the CEO of their dreams.  

The typical home contains multiple products with hazardous chemicals directly linked to serious health problems.  Over time chemicals in your home and food accumulate in the body damaging cells and leading to disease. An educated consumer knows what products do more harm than good, and where to shop for safer, non-toxic products.  To become a smarter comsumer, click on the Shop Healthy, Shop Green link.  It does not cost you anything to get educated.   

Rhonda's motto is "Everything Is Within".  It is up to YOU to use what God has placed within.  Rhonda learned this after looking around at her life trusting that "Where I am is not the highest place I can be".  But how do you go from just being alive to life living? First you must know everything you need is within and it is worth more than you imagine.  This is the message Rhonda communicates in her new book to be released in May 2016. 

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